Couples counselling

In every partnership, there are always challenges, changes and often the stress of everyday life to manage together.

In our couple counselling you have the opportunity to talk abour your issues (again) with the support of a family and couples therapist. You'll be guided to work on and discover your individual solutions. A crisis or difficult phases of life can thus become an opportunity for building a deeper connection and partnership, allowing couples to grow stronger and discover a new perspective on their future life together.

Even if the question of separation is on the agenda, couples counselling will help you find solutions as to how you can stay together or break up well.

Couples counselling is open-ended and should be seen as a process in which you determine the direction, topics, goals and speed in which we are to support you both as a couple.





Please make your appointment in advance via telephone
08141 - 35 48 99.

Please note that you cannot bring your children along.

We will be happy to inform you by phone about the amount of a possible cost contribution.

Please note: we are no English native speakers!


Our counselling centre is supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Work and Social Affairs.