Sexual education at pro familia Berlin

We support the development of a positive body image through information and sensitize perceptions around one's own needs and limits. This may be a preventive protection against unwanted pregnancy or fatherhood, sexually transmitted diseases and violation of sexual boundaries. Sexual education empowers people to make their own decisions, demand sexual and reproductive rights and take over responsibility for themselves and others. Further we help to find a common language to broach the issue of sexuality. Finally, we promote tolerance and respect towards human diversity.

Further information on our foundations and objectives can be found in our conception.
It can be downloaded here (German only).

We offer the following services:

  • Sex education aimed at school classes through group work
  • Sex education aimed at teenagers outside the school environment through group work
  • Sex education aimed at teenage refugees through group work
  • Sex education aimed at trainees and college students through group work
  • Sex education aimed at students from nursing schools through group work
  • Sex education aimed at adolescents with mental or physical disabilities through group work
  • Individual or couple counseling for teenagers provided by our JUWEL project
  • Advanced training for teachers and educators
  • Geocache – Sex in the city – A sex education rally through our district

Additional offers can be provided by request.
Please mail us at:[at]


Group offerings

The 90-minute group event, for the previously listed groups and objectives, usually takes place at our counseling center. The group is separated further into single sex groups and each guided by an educator.

Our sexual education group events aim to be a safe space for teenagers. This encourages them to express themselves openly. On these grounds we ask teachers and supervisors to abstain from participating.

Our professional fee for a 90-minute seminar for a mixed sex group, that is then separated, amounts to 87€. For a single sex group of girls or boys it amounts to 45€.

The seminars are held at pro familia Berlin.

Schools may reimburse the costs on the basis of personnel cost budgeting. The corresponding service contract can be downloaded from the website of the Berlin Department for Education, Youth and Family.

Professional fees for seminars based outside of pro famila berlin, as well as for parent-teacher conferences, training sessions or the like differ and can be requested by mail.

If you have further questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us by E-mail at:[at]

Parents' Supplementary Letter

Parents, caregivers and other pedagogic workers can download our information letter here. In it you will find further information pertaining to our events.

Download the parents' supplementary letter here (German only).

Contact team sexual education

The easiest way to contact team sexual education pro familia berlin is via E-Mail:[at]

During the berlin term time you can reach us via phone: 

Wednesday between 14.00 and 16.00

By calling: 030 214 764 14

Please note that, due to our work structure it may not always possible for you to reach us by phone. If we are tied with business matters, please write us an email or leave your message on our answering machine and we will call you back.

During school holidays we are only reachable by email.