Subsidized Contraceptives

If you are 22 or older, have a low income or receive a state support like

  • unemployment benefit II.
  • housing benefit
  • old-age basic income support
  • the child supplement
  • benefits according to the Asylum-seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG),


so you can make an application for subsidizing the costs of contraception .


If you live in the city of Munich, please contact the community center (Sozialbürgerhaus) in your district.


If you live in the county of Munich, please contact the County Administration Office (Landratsamt).

In Germany medically prescribed contraceptives are covered by health insurance for all women up to the age of 21


In these counties you can also make an application for subsidising the costs of contraception: County Freising, County Starnberg, County Fürstenfeldbruck, County Dachau.