Prenatal examinations

Pregnancy can trigger feelings of happiness and hope, but also many doubts and fears may come up. The question often arises whether the child will be healthy.

We can advise you

  • if you are unsure which prenatal examinations you want to take advantage of
  • if you want to talk about your fears whether your child will be healthy
  • if you have received an abnormal finding and need support and guidance on how to deal with it
  • before or after a late termination in case of abnormal findings

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Counselling is available for single persons, couples or in company of a person of your confidence.

We are bound by strict confidentiality.

On request, we counsel anonymously.

Please arrange an appointment in advance:
08141 35 48 99

Please note: we are no English native speakers!


Our counselling centre is supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Family, Work and Social Affairs.