Our special offer for teenagers, young adults and parents. You can come in without a prior appointment every Thursday between 15.00 - 18.00.

The range of counseling topic includes relationship conflicts, pregnancy, pregnancy termination, LGBT lifestyles, relational problems with parents, sexual education and advice for parents regarding puberty (e.g. detachment).

Our physicians provide gynecological exams and prescribe contraceptives.

Information for teenagers and young adults:

How can you find pro familia Berlin?

"JUWEL – Consultation for teenagers, young adults and parents", inside pro familia, is easily reachable by public transport, nearest are the metro stations Nollendorfplatz or Wittenbergplatz. From there it is just a short walk to the Kalckreuthstr.4, 10777 Berlin.

Just go inside through the glass door. Consultation for teenagers, young adults and parents is done inside pro familia, which is located on the fourth floor. You can use the stairs or the elevator. To use the elevator, you need the easy passcode 0321, which is also written on the elevator door.

After arriving on the fourth floor, there is one glass door leading to pro familia. The doorbell automatically opens the door and you will be greeted by a member of our team. At first you will be heading to the registration desks. You will be asked how we can be of service. A few keywords are enough e.g. "I have a relationship problem" or "I am pregnant and need a counseling". If you prefer to speak with a man or a woman just add it. We will try to fulfill your request if possible.

Counseling can also be done anonymously (nameless).

After finishing the registration process, we will prepare the counseling. Please take a seat in our waiting room. The counselor will pick you up and accompany you to an individual room.

The consultation procedure

Every consultation is unique / differs on a case-by-case-basis. Typically, the counselor will introduce himself / herself and ask about your concerns or issues. Now you are able to explain your issues in-depth. If you need further assistance e.g. contraception pills or the morning-after-pill, our physicians will help you out.
Depending on the subject the consultation length will vary. 

The counselors at pro familia:

  • Have a professional education.
  • Are under a secrecy obligation, that is to say parents, teachers or others will not hear about your consultation or visit
  • Always center on your issues or concerns
  • Give advice, but will not persuade or convince you
  • Are accustomed to talk about things, that most people prefer to keep to themselves