pro youth

pro youth is a youth participation project of the regional association pro familia Berlin. Three young people work here on behalf of sexual and reproductive rights. The direct connection to pro familia Berlin ensures professional support and direct contact to university discourses as well as to current topics of teenagers and young adults.

In addition to this exchange, the project thrives on the commitment and inventiveness of its employees*. From "classical" sexual education workshops, creative stands at schools and festivals, the production of the short film "Sexualpädagogik - Brauchen wir das?" (Sexual Education - Do We Need It) to a photo series on the diversity of contraceptives, much has been possible so far.

Whether on the Facebook page or at theme-relevant demonstrations, pro youth consciously positions itself as a political project, because the work of pro youth aims to sensitize people to structural conditions of violence and to intervene against them.

Sexualpädagogik - Brauchen wir das?

Our offer

The workshops address the following topics:

- Sexual rights as human rights

- Knowledge transfer in the fields of sexuality and self-determination

- Use of various methods of sex education and sexual education


Time frame and venue

Workshops, ranging from 90 minutes to an entire project day,  can be planned and implemented.

We would be happy to visit your institution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Mail us? Please click here!

If you would like to get involved in the field of sexual and reproductive rights, please contact PIA - pro familia in Action ( We work closely together with the young, voluntary network in Berlin.


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