Dear visitors* to our consultation centre,

due to the Corona virus, we ask that you

  • do not bring any other person to counselling sessions that are not absolutely necessary.
  • if there are signs of flu (e.g. acute cough, fever and indisposition), please note the following: cancel appointments with us and make a new appointment with us at telephone 05531 10807. We will call you back if you leave us a message on the answering machine with your telephone number. Please note that for data protection reasons we call with a suppressed phone number.
  • if you have made an appointment for pregnancy conflict counselling, please inform us in advanced by telephone. 


Your pro familia team



Our Offer


We offer free counselling and information on issues related to parenthood, pregnancy, birth, maternity protection and pregnancy conflicts. In addition, the pro familia profile includes the areas of sexual education and partner and sexual counseling.

In the area of sexual education, we carry out events, projects and further training with children, young people, parents and multipliers. Pro familia is a non-denominational and non-partisan association. The 4-member team in the Counselling center is bound to secrecy.

If desired, counseling can also be conducted anonymously.


Kirsten Benthack

Sebastian Kreplin

Sabrina Sauer

Karin Kahmann