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Growing up is exciting! The body changes and there are many new things to discover. This can also be very confusing. Since very few are aware of what exactly happens in puberty.

Many teenagers would like to have someone to talk to about sex education in their community. Talking to parents about sex and love? This is often embarrassing for both sides. If one comes across sex education in biology class, one is usually ashamed and does not listen closely. Such information is best obtained from conversations with more experienced friends. But do they really know better? It doesn't matter how enlightened they are, most young people don't know 100 percent how things work with bees and flowers. If you also have some catching up to do, take a look at our informatory texts. Here, we have answered the FAQs about contraception, sex and puberty for you.

What rights do I have concerning my sexuality?

Aren’t I normal? - Sexual identity and diversity

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