are aimed at families of different compositions, children and young people, women, men, couples, people with disabilities, people of all ages, from different cultural backgrounds and people of different sexual orientation. In addition to individual and couple counselling, we also offer further training and events for groups.


Pregnancy, birth, mother- father- parenthood

    psychosocial counselling before, during and after pregnancy
    Information and advice on social, financial and legal assistance, e.g. maternity leave, maternity benefit, paternity, parental benefit, parental leave, child benefit, child supplement, unemployment benefit I and II, alimony
    Application to the Federal Foundation "Mother and Child
    regular meetings for young pregnant women and young mothers (see special offers)
    Counselling after miscarriage/dead birth

Pregnancy Conflict

    legally required consultation on abortion according to §218/219
    Information and advice on social, financial and legal assistance
    Counselling after abortion


Family planning and health


    on contraceptives and methods of contraception
    to the morning-after pill.
    for sterilization
    on health issues: HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases


Sexual education*

    School class work (general, secondary and vocational schools) on topics such as friendship, love, sexuality, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, contraception, etc.
    Sexual abuse prevention project "Ziggy shows teeth" for primary schools (direct contact via the Salzgitter Counseling Center)
    extracurricular activities for girls and boys
    sexual education events for people with disabilities, their relatives and staff in institutions
    Events with adults (e.g. parents' evenings in schools and daycare centres) on sex education topics
    Expert advice, information and further training events for multipliers (e.g. educators, teachers, social pedagogues) and parents
    Lending of reference books and sex education materials (e.g. contraceptive cases)
    Offer flyer sexual education


Sexual and partnership counselling*


    in partnership, sexual and psychosocial problems, conflicts and crises
    for questions on sexual orientation
    for sexualised violence
    with questions or conflicts in the separation/divorce situation
    on therapeutic and legal options
    for people with disabilities


Special offers

    weekly meetings for young pregnant women and young mothers at the advice centre in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (Tuesdays)
    biweekly midwife consultation during the meetings in Lebenstedt
    home visits by midwife Annett Walter if required
    Individual interviews and support with administrative procedures, cooperation e.g. with the job centre and the youth welfare office


* for these offers we charge a cost sharing fee