Pregnancy and birth

- Psychosocial counselling before, during and after pregnancy

- Information and advice on social, financial and legal assistance:

  •        Mutterschutz (Maternity leave)
  •        Mutterschaftsgeld
  •        Kindergeld
  •        Elterngeld (Parental benefit)
  •        Elternzeit (Parental leave)
  •        Arbeistlosengeld II (Unemployment benefit II)
  •        Application to the Federal Foundation "Mutter und Kind (Mother and Child)" and "Familie in Not (Family in Need)”

Family planning and health


  •     on contraceptives and contraceptive methods
  •     prenatal diagnosis
  •     to the morning-after pill.
  •     for sterilization
  •     on health issues: HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, menopause, etc


 Pregnancy conflict counselling

  •     legally prescribed counselling before an abortion according to §§ 218/219 StGB
  •     Information on social, financial and legal assistance
  •     Counselling after an abortion