On the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic

We will be happy to advise you online at www.sexundso.de.

Pregnancy conflict counselling takes place in personal contact after making an appointment by telephone.

All other consultations currently take place by telephone or online.


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Pregnancy and birth

- Psychosocial counselling before, during and after pregnancy

- Information and advice on social, financial and legal assistance:

  •        Mutterschutz (Maternity leave)
  •        Mutterschaftsgeld
  •        Kindergeld
  •        Elterngeld (Parental benefit)
  •        Elternzeit (Parental leave)
  •        Arbeistlosengeld II (Unemployment benefit II)
  •        Application to the Federal Foundation "Mutter und Kind (Mother and Child)" and "Familie in Not (Family in Need)”

Family planning and health


  •     on contraceptives and contraceptive methods
  •     prenatal diagnosis
  •     to the morning-after pill.
  •     for sterilization
  •     on health issues: HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, menopause, etc


 Pregnancy conflict counselling

  •     legally prescribed counselling before an abortion according to §§ 218/219 StGB
  •     Information on social, financial and legal assistance
  •     Counselling after an abortion