Pregnancy and birth

Advice for pregnant women, expectant mothers, fathers and parents

A pregnancy changes life and raises questions about the birth, the new life situation, the planning of parental leave, the legal aspects of unmarried parenthood and often also about financial support.

We have extensive information material available for you about further possibilities of help on site and are well networked with other medical, social and public services and counseling centers in order to be able to support you individually.

We will give you an overview of the benefits you are entitled to and support you in asserting your claims.


Counseling is often about:

- Federal Foundation Mother and Child - Application

- maternity protection, maternity pay

- Parental leave, parental allowance

- Child benefit

- Unemployment benefit II / social welfare

- Study with child

- How do I make it on my own?

- medical and health questions concerning pregnancy

- Accompaniment and support up to the birth

- Midwife / Family midwife - Mediation

Your current topic cannot be found in the list? Please contact us anyway, we will try to help you or find helpful contact persons* for you.

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