Sexual education

For pro familia, sexuality is a basic human need, an important aspect of human well-being and part of human rights.

Sex education and sexual education involves offering people of all ages information, guidance and support in sexual and partnership-related learning processes in a sensitive and expert manner.

Our goal is to promote responsible behavior and sexual self-determination.

The sexual education team of the pro familia counseling center Peine offers various sexual education events, which are described in more detail here. For general information and to forward our offer, please use our flyer.

School class work

We offer gender-specific group work for school classes. Topics such as friendship, love, sexuality, contraception, etc. can be dealt with, depending on the interest of the young people. We approach the young people sensitively, talk about norms and values, feelings, puberty, partnership, sexual diversity. We work in gender-homogeneous groups.

The event takes place without the presence of teachers. Of course, desired topics and the exact schedule can be discussed in advance. Extracurricular groups, regardless of age, are also welcome.
Event: 90€

Offers for multipliers,educators, teachers, child minders

pro familia Peine also offers extracurricular activities and further education / information events for kindergarten teachers, teachers, daycare workers. For teachers as well as for pedagogical specialists from kindergartens, from institutions of child and youth welfare, institutions for mentally and physically handicapped people we offer.

  • Professional advice on conceptual and methodological considerations
  • Practical advice on target group specific media, materials, methods
  • Team consulting and team training
  • Project work on site or in our pro familia counseling center
  • Support in the planning and implementation of parents' evenings
  • Sex education trainings
  • Rental of contraceptive kits, video films, games

 Topics can be for example:

  • Psychosexual development in childhood
  • Sex education

Parents' evenings in schools and day care centers

For schools, day care centers or other pedagogically active institutions, we are happy to organize parent information evenings on site upon request.

Our concept is designed in such a way that the participants can expect an appealing, informative and modern treatment of the topic from us.
The most requested topics:

  • Psychosexual development of preschool children
  • Puberty, prepuberty, sexual development of adolescents
  • media competence
  • other main topics by arrangement

Costs: each hour 60€ . An eartly appointment for these offers is required in each case under E-mail: peine[at]

Educators, teachers, pedagogues have the possibility to borrow our suitcase with the common contraceptives for a fee of 20€ and 20€ deposit to borrow.


Contraceptive case