Relationship and companionship

Do you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend? Then you certainly must be floating on cloud 7 for now. Being in love feels great: All you want to do is think about your partner all the time and would like to be with him/her day-and-night. Having common grounds is a good basis for a relationship. But it is just as important that you remain true to yourself and do not neglect your own interests, hobbies and friends. When you know and trust each other better as a couple, a good balance is often reflected.

When a relationship becomes difficult

Relationships can change over time. They can grow and become tighter the more time you spend together. However, some relationships can develop in a different direction. If you get to know each other better, you may also notice unpleasant characteristics and habits of your partner. Then it can so happen that you don't get along so well and argue a lot or just want out. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and both of you have to pitch in, if things are to go well between you.

However, some relationships can take an entirely wrong turn. Then you may be in a relationship that does you no good.

What are the red flags along the way and what can you do is explained in this text.

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