Termination of pregnancy – Abortion

You are pregnant and consider terminating the pregnancy.

In this decision-making process there are many questions you may be asking yourself.
You are entitled to support and advice by a counseling center.

If you decide upon having an abortion, then there is the choice between a surgical or a medical termination of pregnancy.

The choice for or against having an abortion is entirely made by you. This personal decision should not and cannot be made by anybody else but you.

The legally required counseling certificate to have an abortion is available after a counselling. For the counselling you need an appoinment. You can also get this counseling certificate at many other counselling centers in Berlin. A list of this counselling centers you can find there: https://www.berlin.de/sen/gesundheit/themen/schwangerschaft-und-kindergesundheit/schwangerschaft-und-familienplanung/beratungsstellen/

If you require further information about an abortion, please read our FAQ about "Abortion" or the in-depth brochure "What you should keep in mind".