Sexual education

Sexuality is an important aspect of human well-being, a basic need from childhood to old age and a human right. It is a life-long individual learning process with changing questions and needs.

We support people of all age groups empathetically and professionally on the way to a self-determined sexuality. We work in a culturally sensitive way and take into account the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations in an appreciative way. By considering also problematic aspects of sexuality and relationships, our work contributes to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, infections and sexualised violence.

We work on the following topics:

  •     Physical development
  •     Pregnancy and birth
  •     Sexual self-determination
  •     Contraception and self-determined family planning
  •     Emotions, needs and limits
  •     Love and partnership
  •     Gender roles and body images
  •     Diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities
  •     Prevention of sexualised violence
  •     Media and Pornography
  •     Sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS
  •     Sexual and reproductive rights

Our group offers are primarily aimed at:

  •     Schools
  •     Youth centres
  •     Vocational ( training) schools
  •     Universities
  •     Childcare facilities
  •     facilities for the disabled and elderly

    We offer workshops to multipliers and are available to you as expert speakers.