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Single couple and sexual counseling

We would like to accompany you in a difficult life situation and to search together for a good perspective for you. In the foreground of the consulting process is to gain understanding for each other, to recognize and change patterns of how we deal with each other and to find a sustainable solution for the situation. All employees*are of course bound by confidentiality. Flyer for download Flyer

Individual counseling

Regardless of whether you live in a patnership or not, you can also come to us alone to talk about your difficult life situation, relationship problems or sexuality.

Couples counseling

Different topics can be the reason for couples counseling:

  • deadlocked conflicts or not being able to talk to each other anymore
  • miss of understanding of each other
  • external relationships
  • high workload
  • jealousy and or excessive control
  • changed life situation, pregnancy, birth, child(ren), patchwork family
  • intentions of separation

Before, during and after pregnancy

  • prenatal diagnostics
  • unfulfilled desire to have a child
  • miscarriage and stillbirth
  • postpartum depression
  • changed sexuality after birth

Sexual counseling

  • loss of libido
  • different sexual needs
  • erection problems
  • vaginismus, pain during sex
  • orgasm problems
  • sexual identitiy
  • pornograph, sex addiction

We know that it is not easy to talk about such intimate topics with stangers. Therefore, a sensitive and appreciative attitude in consulting is important to us. We charge an income-dependent fee for this service.