Mrs. Stephanie Meinecke/ RAin (specialist solicitor for family law) will advise you on the premises of the pro familia advice centre in Salzgitter:


  • Where should the children live?
  •  What costs will I have to pay?
  •  Maintenance during separation and post-marital maintenance
  •  Custody and rights of access
  •  Shared flat/house
  •  Assignment of the marital home
  •  What happens to the joint debts?
  •  Pension equalization
  •  Possibilities and legal aid
  •  etc.


An interview with Ms Meinecke at the pro familia Salzgitter advice centre can be found under the following link:


* Please call us during our opening hours to find out the next dates for the lawyer.


  Registration is required by calling 05341-14491.

  For the consultation we charge a fee of 20,-€.