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Consultations take place after making an appointment by telephone in personal contact, by phone ob by video.

We will also be happy to advise you online at


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Mühlenstr. 1
29614 Soltau
Telefon: 05191 17783
Fax: 05191 975200

Zu diesen Zeiten können Sie Termine telefonisch oder persönlich vereinbaren:

Mo. Di. Mi.   09.00 - 12.00 Uhr

Do.               16.00 - 19.00 Uhr

Beratung auch in Gebärdensprache

Beratungstermine finden auch außerhalb dieser Zeiten statt




Am Fuße des Rathausparkplatzes, links neben der Freudenthalschule

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Dear visitors* to our consultation centre,

due to the Corona virus, we ask that you

    do not bring any other person to counselling sessions that are not absolutely necessary. (Translators, for example, may be required persons).

    if there are signs of flu (e.g. acute cough, fever and indisposition), please note the following:

        Cancel appointments with us and make a new appointment with us at telephone 0511 36 36 06. We will call you back if you leave us a message on the answering machine with your telephone number. Please note that for data protection reasons we call with a suppressed phone number.

        If you have made an appointment for pregnancy conflict counselling, please inform us in advance by telephone.


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