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Our offer

Pregnancy and birth


  • Advice before, during and after pregnancy
  • Information on social, financial and legal assistance:Maternity protection, maternity benefit, child benefit, parental benefit, parental leave, unemployment benefit II and social assistance
  • Application to the Federal Foundation "Mother and Child" and "Family in Need "
  • Advice and services for underage pregnant women



  • Legally prescribed pregnancy conflict counselling according to §§218/219 StGB
  • Information on social, financial and legal
  • assistanceConsultation after abortion

Family planning and health


  • on contraceptives and methods of contraception
  • for unfulfilled desire to have childrenon
  • the morning-after pill
  • on sterilisationon
  • health issues: HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual and partnership counselling*


  • in sexual, partnership and psychosocial conflicts and mediation
  • in cases of sexualised violence
  • questions of sexual orientation
  • legal questions in cases of separation and divorcefor
  • people with disabilities for a self-determined sexuality

Sex education offers*

    School and out-of-school events on topics such as contraception, friendship, love, sexuality, HIV/Aids etc.
    Events for people with disabilities
    Further training events for multipliers, social educators and social workers
    lending of reference books and sex education materials (e.g. contraceptive cases, films)
    Project "Baby Time - Learning Parenthood"
    Sex, Drugs, Rock'n Roll - a prevention project for young people aged 14 and over. In cooperation with the Lukas Werk Suchthilfe gGmbH
    Sexual abuse prevention project "Ziggy shows teeth" for primary schools (direct contact via the Wolfenbüttel counselling centre)

* For these consultations we charge a fee.

* For these consultations we charge a fee.