• Begin to communicate again
  • Dealing with offenses, jealousy and feelings of guilt...
  • Coping with crises and preventing escalations...

Common topics

  • Communication problems
  • Being parents, staying a couple
  • Sexuality
  • Cheating, external relationship
  • Different wishes for the relationship
  • Pregnancy
  • Planning for the future
  • getting older
  • cultural differences

We offer

  • Couples counseling (individually, together)
  • Lectures, information events
    • Stay or go? Lecture and discussion
    • Strengthening couple communication. Workshop for couples
    • Intimacy and sensuality in old age

We are looking forward to your registration

  • To make an appointment please call 089/ 33 00 840
  • We are bound  by confidentialtity, there is also the possibility of an anonymous consultation
  • We counsel people of all ages, cultures, gender identities and sexual orientations

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