• Enabling the family  to be a place of security, care and retreat...
  • Finding a balance between parent and partner roles...
  • To further develop  as a family...

Common topics

  • Respectful and constructive interaction
  • Conflict and dispute
  • Ways out of an escalation
  • Fair distribution of tasks
  • Needs of children and young people
  • Communication between generations
  • Different parenting styles

We offer

  • Family counseling for single-parent, two-parent, patchwork and rainbow families
  • Counseling for children and adolescents
  • Multigenerational counseling
  • Lectures, information events
    • "Your children, my children, our children" - surviving in a patchwork family
    • Being a father - in my  personal way, lecture and discussion
    • "Is my child safe?" How parents protect and strengthen their child against sexual violence. Lecture and discussion

We are looking forward to your registration

  • To make an appointment please call 089/ 33 00 840
  • We are bound to secrecy, there is also the possibility of an anonymous consultation

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