Sexuality education takes place in every educational process. No matter whether occasions to talk about sexuality are taken up or ignored - messages are always conveyed.

In order to integrate sexual education as comprehensively as possible into the education of children and adolescents, our work with multipliers addresses all educational levels:

Parental homes, kindergartens, schools, recreational homes, youth centers, educational institutions, residential groups ...

After consultation (and partly against contribution to costs) you receive from us:

  •        Information on sexual education media and materials
  •        Brochures on sexuality and friendship
  •       "Herzflattern": book tips for young people on love, sexuality and friendship
  •        Contraceptive kit

We also offer specialized talks, workshops and training tailored to your questions and needs.

Our framework:

We are bound by confidentiality. You can inquire about the costs for a professional talk or a training course by calling us.

For students, trainees and apprentices, professional discussions are free of charge.