The topics on which pro familia offers sexual education events are wide-ranging:

Psychosexual development and sexual socialization of girls and boys at different ages

Body and sexual education

  • Puberty and body processes
  • Visit to the gynecologist
  • The "first time
  • Contraceptive methods
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS

Sexuality and society

  • Different cultural approaches to sexuality
  • legal regulations and sexual rights
  • ideals of beauty and body culture 

Dealing with sexuality in the family, peer group, school and other educational institutions

  • new media
  • social networks
  • Pornography

Sexuality and language

  • Sex and gender
  • Gender roles
  • Intersexuality, transsexuality
  • Sexual orientation and different ways of life

Partnership and sexuality

  • Communication in relationships
  • Being in love, fidelity, getting to know each other, lovesickness

Sexual harassment, sexual violence