In our sexual education groups we would like to accompany children, adolescents and young adults in their sexual development in a supportive way and not intervene or patronize them.

Today, children and young people are confronted with sexuality in many different ways at an early age: In advertising, on television, on the Internet, in magazines or in the clique. Clichéd actions often show sexuality torn out of the context of life or love, it is often reduced to techniques and practices or to romantic ideals.

We want to support girls and boys in classifying this information. Imparted value standards, ideas of love, sexuality and partnership should be reconsidered. This also includes encouraging children and young people to recognize their own and others' boundaries of shame and to deal with them sensitively.

This is how we work:

Content and working methods are based on the composition of the group, e.g. age and origin of the girls and boys. Participation is voluntary; the young people themselves decide whether and how much personal information they bring into the conversation, whereby we pay attention to the limits of the individual and the needs of the group.

Gender-homogeneous and cross-gender work alternates. Depending on the topic and group dynamics, the protected space or exchange and discussion can be important. In order to be able to use both possibilities, one pedagogue and one educator usually design the event together. Our sexual pedagogical offers can take place in a school or extracurricular setting, continuously or as a block event. In the youth groups we work without the pedagogues of the respective institutions.

Our general conditions:

We are bound to secrecy. Participation in our events is voluntary for the girls and boys. The respective costs depend on the type and scope of the event and can be inquired by telephone.