Pregnant and expectant parents can, if they receive ALG II, social security benefits or earned income up to a certain level, submit an application to the pro familia advice centre at the Mother and Child Foundation. Please contact us during our office hours and we can tell you whether you are eligible for an application. If necessary, you can make an appointment with us.
At this appointment, please bring with you all copied proof of income (wage confirmations, notifications, etc.) that prove the income of all family members living in the household over the last 3 months, as well as your maternity pass.
An application can be made at the earliest from the 16th week of pregnancy entered in the maternity pass.
We will fill out the application together with you and write an endorsement.
You will then receive mail from the Foundation from Hanover in the coming weeks. You will be informed how much money you have been granted, or if any documents are still missing. You will then have to sign a declaration that you agree to send a copy of the birth certificate to the foundation in Hanover after the birth of your child and to keep the receipts for the use of the money for 1 year. As soon as this declaration has been received by the foundation, the approved amount will be transferred to your account.
The foundation money is a so-called "optional benefit", which means that the amount of the benefit varies.