Couples counselling helps you to break stucked communication patterns.
In a joint counselling session, the counsellor supports the couple in identifying problem areas and formulating common goals.
Couple counselling supports you

  • to become clear about own wishes and to formulate them
  • to perceive the wishes of the partner
  • to express anger appropriately
  • to be able to identify unrealistic expectations of the partner
  • to clarify misunderstandings
  • to address disappointments and fears
  • to manage a separation process
  • to deal with a fling or draw the consequences

We also advise individuals on partnership issues if the partner is not prepared to consult with you or if you would prefer to be advised alone.
Further information can be found in the flyer pro familia Niedersachsen - Partnerschafts- und Sexualberatung.
We also offer the consultation in the framework of a walk.
A fee is charged for this consultation.