Pregnancy conflict counselling

We are entitled to advise you in accordance with the statutory provisions under §219 StGB (German Criminal Code) and to issue you with the certificate required for an abortion.

You can obtain information and advice from us if you are pregnant and

  • you find it difficult to decide whether you want to carry the pregnancy to term or terminate it
  • want to clarify for yourself whether you feel up to the demands of pregnancy and parenthood
  • you want to find out about financial and psychosocial support options if you decide to have a child
  • want to inform about adoption
  • you want to give birth to your child anonymously
  • want to know what to expect before / during / after an abortion
  • or simply need a neutral place to put their thoughts and feelings in order

You can come once or several times, alone or accompanied by your partner or other trusted persons. This also applies if you are not yet of age. You can remain anonymous during the consultation if necessary. The pro familia counsellors are bound by confidentiality.

The counselling is free of charge for you.