Confidential birth

Confidential birth means: You can give birth to your child in a medically safe and confidential manner, i.e. under a pseudonym. You will be advised and accompanied by a counselor who is bound by the legal duty of confidentiality: before and also after the birth - if you wish.
You will only reveal your identity to the counselor, who will record your personal information and ensure that it is stored securely. All further steps will only take place with a pseudonym chosen by you. No one will know your identity.
At the age of 16, the child may learn your identity. If there are reasons not to do so, you can assert them.

On-site consultation

You can obtain further information directly from our counsellor at the pro familia counselling centre on 0581-389 11 73 or by e-mail: uelzen[at]

Further information

The „pregnant women in distress“ support hotline - 0800 40 40 020 - is free to use and available 24 hours a day. It provides anonymous information in several languages (in German, English, Français, Espagnol, Polski, русский язык, اللَّةَة العَربيالعَربيّ, Türkçe)

You can download the information flyer on Confidential birth here . It is available in German, English, Français, Espagnol, Polski, русский язык, العَربيَةَة العَربيالعَربيّ, Türkçe.