Your right to live out sexuality

Sexuality can be very different. This includes not only sexual intercourse, but also cuddling, stroking, petting and masturbation.

In Germany, young people over the age of 14 are allowed to have sex with someone else, provided that both want it and are not pushed or forced to do so. This holds applicable both to sex between boys and girls and to sex between same sex couples i.e. boys and boys and girls and girls.

To protect children, the law prohibits sexual acts with children under the age of 14. Up to the age of 18, sex may be prohibited in special cases. It depends on the age difference and the relationship between the two persons (e.g. sex between minors and teachers/trainers is forbidden because of a certain degree of dependency).

This holds applicable to all sexual activities - irrespective of age: FREE WILL!! No one may be forced to do so.

The rights that apply to you also apply to the others.
So respect the decisions and stances of others when it comes to sexuality.

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