Federal Foundation Mother and Child

Advice herefore is available at our advice centre Westend. Pregnant women in need can apply to the foundation if they have a low income. This assistance can only be requested for during pregnancy. 

If you live with your partner or spouse, his or her income is also included in the calculation.

The foundation grants a one-off subsidy on application. It is intended to cover expenses incurred during pregnancy, childbirth and the period after childbirth, e.g.

  • maternity clothes
  • initial equipment of the baby
  • continuation of the household
  • apartment and furniture.

There is no legal claim to foundation funds. State support must be applied for as a priority.

All pregnancy advice centres in Frankfurt and in the Main-Taunus-Kreis arrange for support from the Federal Foundation Mother and Child. However, the application can only be made once per pregnancy at one advice centre.


If you would like to make an application, please make an appointment directly with a social worker during our counselling telephone hours:


Monday till Thursday: 069-90 744 732 from 13.00-14.00 hrs


If you have already made an appointment, you will find further information on our leaflet 

"Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind"