Counselling on parental allowance and parental leave

This is an offer that goes beyond pregnancy counselling.

With the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (Bundeselterngeld- und Elternzeitgesetz, BEEG), the legislator wants to make it easier for parents to combine family and work during the first (max. 8) years of the child's life.
The law takes into account the diversity of models of parenthood, education and gainful employment. Numerous combinations of parental leave and parental allowance are possible - which, however, also makes the application process complicated for parents and requires a comprehensive examination of the topic.

We advise you on the various options offered by the BEEG and work out with you which of them best suits your individual situation. Further questions can also be discussed here, e.g. on the basis for calculating parental allowance, the effects of wage replacement benefits or part-time work, returning to work or further family planning.  

Please note: We are not allowed to fill out the applications for you, but we can discuss applications already filled out with you and check them for plausibility!

Costs: 30 euros
To make an appointment, please contact the social legal advice line directly: Monday - Thursday: 069-90 744 732 from 13.00-14.00 hrs.
Short questions about pregnancy and birth can also be answered directly here.