Relationship counselling is open to all relationship constellations. It offers the participants a space in which they can improve communication with each other and develop solutions to their concerns, e. g. B.


 - if you have nothing more to say to each other or only argue

 - in conflicts in connection with affairs

 - if you have become parents and living with the child creates difficulties

 - if the child you wish for does not appear

 - if the patchwork constellation is challenging

 - if you want to separate well

- if sexual problems put a strain on the relationship


Sexual counselling supports you as a partner*in or individual in all matters concerning sexuality and sexual experience, e. g.

 - Conflicts caused by different sexual expectations and needs in the relationship

- Undesirable changes in sexual pleasure

 - Psychologically induced limitations in the ability to experience sexuality

- Conflicts regarding sexual orientation or gender identity

 - Fears, inhibitions, insecurities in connection with sexuality

 - Addictive behaviour in connection with sexuality



per counseling: 40,00€

Due to organisational reasons we would prefer to receive the payment in cash.

For appointments please call us: 069 – 90 744 744