Sexuality in the care of elderly

Sexuality is a topic of life until old age. It shapes our self-image as a human and as a source of enjoyment it provides vitality and joie de vivre. If nurses can respond to the wishes and aspirations of older people in an appreciative and professional manner, this increases the quality of life on the one hand and job satisfaction on the other. Our training offers are aimed at management, specialist and auxiliary staff, trainees and volunteers. They contain valuable information, space for self-reflection, space for exchange, discussion of everyday care situations and recommendations for action.

The topics are e. g. B.

  • Recognizing the needs of clients
  • Balance between professional proximity and distance
  • Professional dealings with relatives
  • Dementia and Sexuality
  • Sex-friendly structures
  • Self-care and team culture

You can find the flyer for further education here.



Team training:150,00 € per hour (moderation by two experienced sex educators)

Individual consultation: 1 hour 30,00 €

We recommend half-day events (3-4 hours) or day events (6 hours). Other formats are of course also possible. For further information and appointments please contact: