Sexual education

Our advice centre Westend offers suitable group rooms for this purpose. If it suits you better, we'll come to your facility as well.

The sexual education offers are aimed at children and adolescents, parents, pedagogical specialists and caregivers. We offer young people an educational framework in which they can talk about body, love, friendship and sexuality in an age-appropriate, respectful and culturally sensitive way. This includes proper information as well as the exchange of personal attitudes and feelings. This form of sexual education makes an important contribution to the self-determined way of life and to the protection against (sexual) violence. We are gender sensitive and can share the groups:

Girls* with a female* sex educator, boys* with a male* sex educator. But other group formats are also possible. The children/young people themselves decide what they want to talk about. We have a large pool of materials, media and methods at our disposal to make the events lively and vivid. We advise parents and pedagogical specialists on all educational issues related to sexuality, e. g. child development, education, gender-conscious education, promotion of self-confidence and positive body feeling, puberty, media use and much more. For this purpose, we also offer parents' evenings and further training courses tailored to your needs. In addition, you can ask us for workshops in the context of projects and events.


  • School classes: 3 school-hours 80,00€/ 4 school-hours 90,00€
  • Mobile sex education for youth groups: 2 hours 80,00€
  • Parental evening: 2 hours 250,00€
  • Individual consultation for parents: 1 hour 30,00€
  • Team training: per hour 150,00€
  • Expert discussion: from 80,00€

Please send an appointment request to:

Appointment arrangement

As of now, appointments will only be made according to the following schedule:

from May you can make appointments for your class for August-December

from September you can make appointments for your class for January-July

Appointments are made in the order in which they are received.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know in advance, otherwise we will have to charge a cancellation fee.