Medical advice

In our medical consultation hours you can get advice on all questions concerning sexual health, pregnancy and family planning. You can also ask us for a second opinion on your request. Our doctors take their time and give neutral, balanced and holistic advice. This means that your personality and your social environment are included in the consultation. Further information: Link Flyer


Topics can be:

 - Women’s* health: Physical changes during puberty, pregnancy, menopause and beyond; Breast health: Early detection of cancer

- Contraception: From the pill, coil and co. to the diaphragm and natural family planning or sterilization

- Desire to have children: Treatment options and prenatal examinations

 - Sexual medicine: Physical impairment of sexuality due to diseases, medication, operations, births or life changes.


We also offer courses in breast self-examination using the MAMMACARE© method. You can find out more under the heading: Current events



  • Gynaecological counselling                                                             30,00 €
  • General contraceptive counselling without referral                          30,00 €
  • Cervical cap or diaphragm with counselling                                   100,00 €
  •  Post-pill with counselling (Pidana/Ellaone)                            20,00/40,00 €
  •  Pregnancy test with counselling                                                      17,00 €
  •  Counselling for fertility/prenatal diagnostics                                    50,00 €

Counselling for adolescents up to the age of 20 is free of charge.


Appointments by arrangement under: 069 – 90 744 744