The condom is a wafer-thin rubber protection that is pulled over the stiff penis before sexual intercourse. The condom is the only contraceptive for men. It prevents pregnancy and offers protection against many sexually transmitted diseases.

The ejaculation is collected in the condom and does not enter the vagina. After orgasm, the penis must be pulled out of the vagina before the erection subsides. To prevent the condom from slipping and semen from escaping, it must be held at the base of the penis when it is pulled out. Each condom can only be used once.


Easy to use, readily available. Whether a man or a woman, you can always carry it along. No adverse effects on health. Can be used only when needed.

The condom also offers protection against infection from sexually transmitted diseases. It is currently the only protection against infection from AIDS. It also protects against genital infection by gonorrhoea, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Some men, and also women, complain that the condom alleviates the magnitude of sensation or interrupts the love making.


Correct usage and good quality are crucial for the high level of reliability for the condom.

Therefore when purchasing a condom, you should pay attention to the approval number or the "CE" marking with a test centre number and the expiry date. It is also important that the condom has a reservoir at the tip to collect the seminal fluid.

The simultaneous use of condoms and chemical contraceptives (vaginal suppositories, tablets, gel) is not recommended as it does not increase contraceptive safety, according to recent findings. If you wish to use lubricants simultaneously, only oil and fat-free, i.e. usually water-soluble preparations should be used that are intended for this purpose. Creams containing oil and grease - e.g. Vaseline - can attack the rubber. Ointments for the treatment of vaginal infections can also be manufactured with the base of oil and fat and are therefore unsuitable for simultaneous use with condoms. Information regarding the same can be found in the instruction leaflet in package.


Condoms are sold in vending machines, sex shops, drug stores, pharmacies and via mail order. They are available at the checkout in some supermarkets.

Condoms from vending machines may have become brittle and fragile, if they have been stored there for a long time.


approx. 0.50 € to 0.60 € for 1 condom (= 1 intercourse) for a package of 8 to 12 pieces. A single condom shall be of higher price in small packs (2 or 3 pieces) and lower price in large packs.

Latex-free condoms cost from 1.20 € per piece.

Personal counselling

If you want to know more or have questions, please contact a doctor or a pro familia counselling centre.

Doctors, social workers, psychologists and pedagogues shall be at your disposal as contact persons.

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