Sexual health means more than just the absence of illness. pro familia uses this term in the context of "sexual and reproductive health", meaning the status of physical, mental and social well-being of each individual, which includes that he or she has a satisfying and safe sexual life. Sexuality is seen here as an enrichment of life and of personal relationships.

This means that anything that is detrimental to, endangers or blocks sexual health has an impact on the well-being of each individual.

WHO (World Health Organisation) describes three subcategories that have an impact on sexual and reproductive health:

  • An environment that allows people to fully enjoy their sexuality as per own potential.
  • Freedom from sexual coercion, abuse and sexual violence.
  • Protection from and treatment of health problems related to sex life.

Personal Counselling

If you want to know more or have questions, please contact a doctor or a pro familia counselling centre.

Doctors, social workers, psychologists and pedagogues shall be at your disposal as contact persons.

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