Spermicidal gel

Contraceptive gels and creams should always be used along with a barrier method (Diaphragm or Contraceptive cap).

Today, sperm-inhibiting gels based on lactic acid are the most common. The acidifying effect promotes the natural vaginal flora and therefore additionally protects against infections.

Creams and gels with the active ingredient nonoxynol-9, which has a spermicidal effect, used to be mainly available from foreign suppliers, but are now hardly seen in the market.

The lactic acid-based products, which paralyse the sperm by increasing the acidity of the vaginal environment and form an additional obstacle for the sperm, are just as safe and have fewer side effects.

Spermicidal gels and creams used alone are not effective as contraceptives.

Where can I get spermicidal gel and cream?

Contraceptive creams based on lactic acid (e.g. Contragel grün®, Caya Gel®) do not require a prescription and can easily be purchased in pharmacies or ordered online. They cost 8 to 10 € per 60-gram tube. Occasionally, some pharmacies also offer homemade creams based on lactic and citric acid, which may be cheaper.

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