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Despite all the choices: there is no contraceptive that would suit everyone equally well. The demands, life circumstances and priorities of women, men and couples are always different.

Our Info-texts can be helpful in your search for the contraceptive method best suited to you, and of course you can also seek advice from our counselling centres.

Here is a clear portrayal of individual contraceptive methods:

Chemical contraceptives
Depot injection
Female condom
Perception of fertility ("Natural family planning")
Hormone implant (Hormone rods)
Copper IUD
Pills and Mini-Pills
Morning-after pill
Contraceptive coil
Vaginal ring
Contraceptive cap
Spermicidal gel
Contraceptive patch

Personal counselling

If you want to know more or have questions, please contact a doctor or a pro familia counselling centre.

Doctors, social workers, psychologists and pedagogues shall be at your disposal as contact persons.

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