Female condom

A female condom is a contraceptive device for women intended for single use. It is the only method of contraception with which a woman can protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases. The female condom must be used during every intercourse. If aimed exclusively for contraception, the female condom can be used only during the fertile period, if it is determined with the help of Perception of fertility.

Female condoms clothe the vagina like a second skin. There is currently only one product on the German market:



Femidom®/ female condom:

Femidom comprises of polyurethane and is moistened (silicone based). It is 17 cm long - like condoms - but much longer. It has 2 round, flexible rings. The female condom is placed deep in the vagina with the inner ring. The outer ring lies flat on the Venus lips and is visible from the outside. No allergic reactions are reported. The Femidom® can be used with fatty and water-soluble lubricants. Femidom® crackles somewhat during sexual intercourse.

Female condoms can be inserted before the penis is stiffened and do not have to be removed immediately after ejaculation, in contrast to condoms for men. When the penis is being inserted, the outer ring should be held so that the female condom does not slip into the vagina or the penis is not inserted outside the condom. After the love making, the outer ring must be turned a few times to prevent the sperm from leaking. The female condom should then be carefully removed from the vagina.


Female condoms are the only way a woman can protect herself from sexually transmitted diseases.


Some women and men think of the condom as an interruption in their sexual intercourse. The female condom can slip during sexual intercourse.


A definitive statement cannot be made about the contraceptive safety of this method. There are a few small scaled studies available worldwide. Considering that 100 women use this method for 12 months, the number of unwanted pregnancies is generally between 5 and 25 %. Safety seems to be clearly on a higher level for couples who have a lot of experience with other barrier methods and have consistently used this method.


Female condoms can be ordered via online providers.


Femidom®: ~ 12 EUR; per pack of three

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