Safer sex

Safer sex

Safer sex is the term used to describe measures that reduce the risk of infection when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases.

This means that the penetration or contact of body fluids such as seminal or vaginal fluid, blood or traces of blood with the partner's body is avoided.

This specifically means:

  • Avoiding any kind of penetration in the body (vaginal and anal intercourse)
  • Mandatory use of condoms or women's condoms in case of penetrating intercourse
  • Avoidance of the intake of semen/vaginal fluid into the mouth
  • Use of condoms / dental dams for oral sex

What are dental dams

Dental Dams are also called latex wipes, intimate wipes or lick wipes. These are very thin latex towels (approx. 15 x 25 cm) which can protect you against sexually transmitted diseases when licking, stimulating or penetrating the vagina or anus with the tongue. They are suitable for single use! They are available in various flavours (banana, vanilla, etc.). Nevertheless, some men and women find the taste of latex unpleasant. First some water-soluble lubricant should be put on the entrance of vagina or intestinal exit, before the Dental Dam is put on. The use is sometimes not so easy and requires some practice.

Although oral sex is less risky than sexual intercourse or anal sex, there is a good chance for sexual transmission of infections.

Dental dams are available in pharmacies, sex shops and on the Internet. Alternatively, condoms or latex gloves can also be cut to size (latex-free gloves or condoms are not as suitable as they are less elastic).


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Safer sex

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